Product 1

Dynamo, the Data Analyst

Product 2

Gina, the Engagement Executive

Product 3

Grant, the Sales Representative

Product 4

Julie, the Influencer

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Meet Nara

Your personal E-commerce AI Content writter

Nara is a dedicated E-commerce Brand Manager, specialized in creating unique, multilingual content for online brands to captivate user attention through detailed product descriptions. Utilizing a mix of public and proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs), Nara enhances the relevance of product, category, and brand pages.

Nara uses advanced LLMs to craft and tailor content specifically for diverse audiences, ensuring cultural relevance and uniqueness.

By creating compelling and relevant descriptions, Nara helps captivate users’ attention, encouraging them to stay longer and explore more products.

Success is measured through increased user engagement, lower bounce rates, and higher conversion rates on product pages.

Meet Dynamo

Your own AI Data Analyst for e-commerce in your pocket

Dynamo is a skilled Data Analyst specializing in analyzing large data sets from both public and private sources. By organizing and normalizing data, Dynamo creates usable product attributes with just an EAN, enhancing e-commerce product listings.

By providing hundreds of relevant attributes for each product, which enhances searchability and user understanding.

Only the product’s EAN is needed to begin generating extensive and relevant attributes.

Dynamo continuously monitors and updates data sets to maintain the accuracy and relevance of product attributes.

Meet Gina

Your personal e-commerce engagement specialist

Gina, the Engagement Executive, specializes in understanding user behavior and trends. She interacts with users to qualify and convert them into buyers, enhancing the customer journey.

By analyzing user behavior and engagement patterns to classify and approach users with high conversion potential.

Gina employs personalized communication, targeted offers, and feedback loops to increase user interaction and satisfaction.

Through metrics such as conversion rates, engagement rates, and user feedback, assessing the improvement in customer journey and sales.

Meet Grant

Your own Product Recommendations & Cross Sales Expert

Grant is a knowledgeable Sales Representative who understands customer needs and budgets. Specializing in quick sales and cross-selling, Grant increases the Average Order Value (AOV) by recommending complementary products.

By understanding customer needs and purchasing history, Grant recommends relevant and complementary products.

His ability to quickly understand customer needs and budget, coupled with his product knowledge, leads to efficient and effective sales.

By effectively cross-selling and suggesting additional products that add value to the customer’s initial purchase.

Meet Julie

Your own AI Livestreaming & Social Media specialist

Julie is an Influencer known for her appealing aspect, personality, and high engagement rates, specializing in helping brands penetrate online communities through livestreams, unboxings, reviews, branded posts, and digital events.

Through engaging content and interactions, Julie helps brands reach wider and more targeted audiences online.

Julie creates a variety of content, including livestreams, unboxings, product reviews, and branded social media posts.

By tracking engagement rates, follower growth, and conversion rates resulting from her content and endorsements.