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Dynamo, the Data Analyst

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Gina, the Engagement Executive

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Grant, the Sales Representative

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Julie, the Influencer

Provide unlimited value for your clients

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Joining Naratix as a partner will enable you to immediately deliver cutting-edge AI solutions to your clients. Together, we can help brands:

  • Increase AOV by 30%
  • Decrease Returns by 60%
  • Decrease Catalog Costs by 90%
  • Speed up the listing process 100x
  • Create and Engage like never before
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Esteemed Partners

Why Choose Us

Enterprise grade AI Platform for Ecommerce

Naratix Agents are designed with scale in mind. They work together with existing technical stacks and processes requiring no training or integration. 

Naratix enables digital and ecommerce teams to decrease costs while speeding up their output by 100x. 

Dedicated Partner Success Managers

Our Partner success team will help you generate and close sales. Our cross-functional team will act as your support during client onboarding as well as ensuring great levels of service throughout the entire engagement.

We`re partners. Real Partners.

. We’ll keep you up to date on upcoming events, features and agents. We’ll also provide materials, demos, marketing & support in order to make sure you stay focused on your clients and their needs.

Why partner with Naratix?

Your Clients deserve the best

Our agents are designed with scale in mind and have been extensively tested by some of the largest brands in the European Ecommerce space. It`s the only Enterprise Ecommerce solution that also services startups, enabling you, our esteemed partner to deliver value a blue-ocean of clients .

We’re committed to your success

We understand your struggles as well as your ambition and we know the importance of a great partner. So whether you`re a performance agency servicing an e-commerce niche or a large, headless ecommerce platform, we will work side-by-side with you in the service of your clients. 

Develop new use-cases

Feedback is the main thing that enables us to innovate so we`re committed to working together to refine agents, create new processes and integrations as well as develop whole new systems for your client`s use-cases.