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Frequently Asked questios

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Welcome to our FAQ section, where we aim to address your most common questions and concerns. Here, you’ll find detailed answers about our services, processes, and best practices to ensure you have all the information you need for a seamless experience. Whether you’re new to our platform or looking for specific insights, we’re here to help guide you every step of the way.

NaratixAI is a content automation tool like no other. You can use it to generate E-commerce product descriptions using only the EAN code & customize these descriptions to account for your brand voice, your customer persona, current events (Christmas, Spring Sales, Black Friday, etc) as well as enrich your existing product data. 

Our clients also use NaratixAI in order to quickly write authentic articles, content pages and even social media posts that can be distributed to millions of followers. 

Chat GPT, LLAMA and other amazing LLMs, while incredible, are designed as general purpose language models. Great Prompt Engineering is incredibly difficult and maintaining context over a large number of prompts is impossible. Naratix was designed to address this problem specifically. 

While we like to believe NaratixAI can even cook and clean, this engine has been purposefully built to accomplish the following: 

  1. Ecommerce Product Descriptions
  2. Blog Articles that are on Brand
  3. Data Enrichment
  4. Ecommerce Newsletters
  5. Social Media posts

It essentially acts like a best in class Writer`s Room that never run out of ideeas and that you can always count on to do, measure, learn, react & do again. 

Unfortunatelly, Yes. All large language models today, no matter how well trained have a number of issues, which is why they are ment to be used as support, not as a source of truth. At NaratixAI, we`re constructing the content around your data (which is considered the only source of truth). 

Both Google and Bing have dedicated a lot of time and attention to machine generated content and have resumed that this type of content will 100% not negatively impact website ranking. 

You can start using our platform: 

  1. Manually, by uploading a file containing your content (product descriptions, articles, category pages, etc). A new file in the same format will be generated by Naratix containing your new content, making it easy for you to import using your native CMS features. 
  2. You can use our public API
  3. For Enterprise Clients, custom API integrations are available for more complex integrations and use-cases.

If you`ve used LLMs before, you are probably familiar with the type of issues that can impact your content (from hallucinations, incorrect information, overselling or over creative copywriting, scaling issues, cost issues, dependability issues and the list goes on).  Naratix addresses all of these issues, has implemented a number of strict controls and has already been used for millions of products and pages with very happy clients.

NaratixAI makes use of your live data (search console, analytics, on-page behavior and outside trends) in order to consistently get better results.